Hong Kong boasts a colossal range of every type of accommodation, and rooms are always available. Booking ahead is always advisable however, either to secure a better rate at the higher-end places, or because budget accommodation tends to fill up quickly. The Hong Kong Hotels Association (w features deals, packages and offers for all HKHA properties.

At the upper end of the market are some of the best hotels in the world, costing several thousand dollars a night, though less renowned places offering motel-like facilities start around $600. The lower end of the market is served by guesthouses and hostels, the bulk of which are squeezed into blocks at the lower end of Nathan Road – though there are even a few on the Outlying Islands. Always check these rooms for size (many are minuscule), whether they have a window, and whether you have to pay extra for the use of air conditioning. Even these are not that cheap, however – you’ll be lucky to find a double for less than $300, though shared dormitory accommodation can come in as low as $100–150 a night for a bed.

The Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association (w also operates seven self-catering hostels – mostly a long way from the centre – offering dormitory accommodation for IYHF members from $90. Finally, you can also camp for free at the 38 campsites run by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (w, mostly in relatively remote sites inside Hong Kong’s Country Parks. Facilities are basic – pit latrines and tank water which must be boiled – and you’ll need to be self-sufficient. Pitches are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so get in early at weekends and holidays.

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