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A walk on the wild side: ecotourism in Peru


Ecotourism is most developed in the Amazon rainforest region of Peru, particularly around Manu, which is considered one of the most biodiverse regions on Earth; Iquitos in the northern jungle and the Tambopata region around Puerto Maldonado are similar ecotourism hotspots. These areas, and others in Peru’s extensive rainforest, all offer a wide choice of operators leading tours up rivers to jungle lodges, which themselves function as bases from which to explore the forest on foot and in smaller, quieter canoes. Naturally, the focus is on wildlife and flora; but there are often cultural elements to tours, including short visits to riverside communities and indigenous villages, and sometimes even mystical or healing work with jungle shamans. Prices vary and so does the level of service and accommodation, as well as the degree of sustainability of the operation.

Ecotourism is very much alive in the Peruvian Andes too, with several tour operators offering expeditions on foot or on horseback into some of the more exotic high-Andes and cloudforest regions.

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