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Buses from Quito to Lago Agrio and Tena via Baeza pass Papallacta every forty minutes; the journey takes 1hr 30min. Some buses will drop you on the paved main road bypassing the town, from where camionetas (6am–6pm) will take you into town or up to the thermal baths for $2 per load (up to four people). Other buses take the unpaved road to the town itself, and can drop you (on request) at the junction know as “La Y”, from where you can walk up to the Termas (1.5km; signposted) or take a camioneta ($1.50 for four). Taxis (same price) can also be booked with José Quizahuano on t 08/4790698. Establish with your bus driver in advance where he will drop you off.

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