No longer must you travel to Siberia or endure minus 35 degree temperatures in the frozen Arctic wastes to take part in dog sledding expeditions. Aurora Austral Patagonia Husky (, based near Villarica, is home to a mix of Siberian and Alaskan huskies. While there are some husky sledding opportunities near Ushuaia, Argentina (see Winter sports around Ushuaia), Konrad is the only operator in the whole of South America who leads multi-day husky sledding expeditions that allow you to drive your own sled. You can choose either a day trip in the vicinity of Volcán Villarica or one of the multi-day expeditions – either to the Termas Geométricas hot springs or across the mountains into Argentina.

The sledding season runs from May to October, September being an excellent time to visit. Summer visitors (Dec–March) can test the half-tricycle, half-chariot contraptions. Konrad and his family also rent out three beautiful 2–6 person cottages with skylights on their peaceful piece of property, complete with wandering pet sheep, cats and dogs.

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