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With more and more gringo-friendly nightlife springing up around Calles Linares, Tarija and Murillo, as well as the in-house hostel bars, it seems there aren’t nearly so many travellers frequenting the designer haunts of Sopocachi as there once were. La Paz’s club scene isn’t the most cutting edge, moreover, with numbingly generic Latin pop, rock, salsa, cumbia and Eighties music commonplace. You’ll find genuine Latin jazz/salsa, Brazilian, world, reggae, house, hip hop, techno, drum’n’bass and rock music if you look hard enough, however, and a forthcoming city-centre club from the loose grouping of restaurateurs and bar owners known as 4corners ( looks promising. For the lowdown on visiting international DJs, Spanish-readers should seek out the free magazine beats, while the free, English-language Bolivian Express ( usually has at least some coverage of La Paz nightlife in general.

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