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Tango, Argentina’s blues


Tango is not only a dance, or even an art form, it is a powerful symbol, closely associated with Argentina around the world. Essentially and intrinsically linked to Buenos Aires and its multicultural history, it nonetheless has ardent fans all around the country. Rosario and, to a lesser extent, Córdoba, the country’s two biggest cities after the capital, have a strong tango culture, complete with milongas (tango dance halls) and shops to buy the right garb and footwear. And don’t be surprised to find villagers in some remote hamlet, hundreds of miles from Buenos Aires, listening to a scratchy recording of Carlos Gardel – the 1930s heart-throb still regarded as the best tango singer. Some experts argue that tango’s success can be put down to its perfect representation of the Argentine psyche: a unique blend of nostalgia, resignation and heartbroken passion.

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