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The Interbalnearia


The endless string of resorts along the easternmost coast of Buenos Aires Province are connected by the RP-11, known as the Interbalnearia (literally, the inter-resort road). They include the trendy pair of Pinamar and Villa Gesell and their smaller, but rapidly growing, satellites Cariló and Mar de las Pampas, around which sand dunes and pine forests dominate the landscape. The route from La Plata runs southeast along the RP-36, threading through flat pampas, dotted with cows and divided at intervals by tree-lined drives leading to estancias. Tall metal wind-pumps, which extract irrigation water from beneath the surface of the land, inject a little drama into the scene, while giant cardoon thistles – a desiccated brown in summer – sprout in clusters like outsize bouquets. The RP-36 joins the RP-11 around 90km southeast of La Plata.

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