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Severn Sound, the southeastern inlet of Georgian Bay, is one of the most beautiful parts of Ontario. The bay’s sheltered southern shore is lined by tiny ports and studding its deep-blue waters are the skeletal outcrops of the Georgian Bay Islands National Park, whose glacier-smoothed rocks and wispy pines were much celebrated by the Group of Seven painters. There are cruises to and around the waters of the national park from all the larger ports bordering Severn Sound, but a hike on the park’s Beausoleil Island is the best way to enjoy its stunning scenery – and there are boats to the island from the delightfully named hamlet of Honey Harbour. Severn Sound also possesses two of the province’s finest historical reconstructions – Discovery Harbour, a British naval base on the edge of Penetanguishene, and Sainte-Marie among the Hurons, a Jesuit mission located near Midland. There’s more lovely Canadian Shield scenery on the road north to Parry Sound, an agreeable little port that also serves as a convenient stopping point on the long road north to Sudbury and Northern Ontario. Public transport hereabouts is sketchy with the exception of Parry Sound, which can be reached by both bus and train.

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