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Aimed at backpackers, the Moose Travel Network (eastern office 416 546 7344, t 1 855 741 7318, or western office t 604 777 9905, t 1 888 244 6673, w provides a completely different experience from regular tour buses. Its mini-coaches (seating 15–21 passengers) hit the major destinations on the travellers’ circuit in both western and eastern Canada (but not the centre) between May and mid-October; there are some additional winter packages, and also links with VIA Rail.

Moose’s tours range from day-trips to twenty-day excursions; you don’t need to book your own accommodation, since Moose ensures that a hostel dorm bed is available for every passenger at all major stopovers. There’s no age limit, although most travellers tend to be in the 19–34 age bracket; to match this, there’s an array of adventure activities offered as add-ons. Moose has a range of tours with its Big West Pass costing around $859 and their Big East Pass $949.

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