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The mountains


Although the khors are the principal attraction of Musandam, the peninsula’s mountainous interior runs them a close second. Here you’ll find some of the wildest and most spectacular landscapes in Oman, comprising a string of great limestone peaks and massifs known by locals as the Ru’us al Jebel, or “Peaks of the Mountains”. These are usually explored from Khasab on either a half-day or full-day mountain safari with a local driver aboard a 4WD (for details on operators). Half-day safaris usually take in Wadi Khasab, Khor an Najd, Khalidiya, A’Saye and Jebel Harim. Full-day trips continue beyond Jebel Harim as far as the Rawdah Bowl. It’s worth doing the full-day safari if possible – the Rawdah Bowl itself isn’t especially memorable, but the mountain scenery beyond Jebel Harim and the ridgetop drive above Wadi Rawdah are simply magnificent.

There’s nowhere to stay up in the mountains, although camping is possible in a number of places, including the beach at Khor an Najd, among the acacia trees at Khalidiya or in the remote Rawdah Bowl.

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