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Diving in Dhofar


There’s some rewarding – and still relatively little-known – diving in Dhofar. The main attraction here is the splendid sea life, including huge rays, moray eels, parrotfish and turtles, all attracted by the nutrient-rich waters close to the shore. There’s also some good coral – Dhofar is one of the few places in the world where you find corals and kelp growing together due to the cold waters produced during the khareef.

The dive season runs from late September or early October through to the end of May, interrupted by the arrival of the khareef, during which the water becomes too rough for diving. It’s possible to dive straight off the beach here – the best dive sites are around Mirbat – while there are also offshore sites around Mughsail. The two best local operators are Sub Aqua (t9989 4032,, based at the Hilton Salalah Resort, and Extra Divers, based at the Marriott hotel in Mirbat. Both places can also arrange snorkelling trips, while Sub Aqua also run fishing and dolphing-watching expeditions.

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