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Around 2km south of the Creek, the beachside suburb of Jumeirah marks the beginning of southern Dubai’s endless suburban sprawl. The area’s swathes of chintzy low-rise villas are home to many of the city’s European expats and their wives – immortalized in Dubai legend as the so-called “Jumeirah Janes” who (so the stereotype runs) spend their days in an endless round of luncheons and beach parties, while their hard-working spouses slave away to keep them in the style to which they have very rapidly become accustomed. The suburb is strung out along the Jumeirah Road, which arrows straight down the coast, lined with a long string of low-key shopping malls and cafés. Attractions include the Jumeirah Mosque (the only one in Dubai currently accessible to non-Muslims), the old-fashioned Majlis Ghorfat um al Sheif, the former summer retreat of Dubai’s erstwhile ruler Sheikh Rashid, and the enigmatic Jumeirah Archeological Site.

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