Thanks to its breezy climate and volcanic soil, Bozcaada has been famed for its wine ever since the days of Homer – a two-thousand-year-old silver coin struck here bears a bunch of grapes. Around eighty percent of the island’s arable land is currently under vine, much of it the traditional grape varieties found only here and on Gökçeada, such as the whites Vasilaki and Çavuş, and the reds Karalahna, Kuntra and Karasakız. The white grapes are extremely sweet, so need to be fermented to almost thirteen percent alcohol. Local red wines tend to be rather tannic; the entire grape is left in the vats throughout the fermentation process.

Of the island’s six vintners, Talay, Corvus and Çamlıbağ have the best reputation; all have well-signed tasting boutiques in the Greek quarter. Corvus ( is the most prestigious, but also overpriced; at the other outlets you can buy decent wines from TL10 a bottle. The Talay tastery has its own wine bar upstairs, with cheese and charcuterie platters accompanying wine by the glass.

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