Entrepreneurs in Alanya offer boat tours to several caves dotted along the waterline at the base of the promontory. Trips leave from the harbour, and cost from TL20 per person for one hour, or from TL30 for longer excursions that include dolphin watching. If you want to go inside the smaller caves, make sure you take a small boat tour; the bigger ships will simply pull up outside.

The first stop is usually the Fosforlu (Phosphorus Cave), where the water shimmers green; then it’s on round the Cilyarda Burnu, a long spit of land that’s home to a ruined monastery and former mint. It’s not possible to go ashore.

On the other side of the skinny peninsula, according to a bizarre local story, a German woman and her Turkish boyfriend were stranded for three months in 1965 in the Aşıklar Mağarası (Lovers’ Cave), while the police and army mounted searches for them.

More credibly, the Korsanlar Mağarası or pirate’s cave, a little further around, is said to be where the pirates of yesteryear used to hide out. You will also be taken to Cleopatra’s Cave, where legends claim the queen used to descend to bathe while staying here with Mark Antony.

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