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Rafting on the Klarälven River


Between June and August, two companies operate trips along the river on sixteen-square-metre timber rafts, each of which holds two people; book ahead no matter which company you choose. Their prices are roughly the same, but with Branäs Sverigeflotten you build the raft yourself, supervised by a member of staff, using the 3m-long logs and the rope provided; no other materials are allowed. Once you’re under way, you’ll find the water flows at around 2km/hr, which gives you time to swim, fish and study the countryside and animals (beavers and elk are plentiful). At night, you sleep in a tent either on the raft (which is moored) or on the riverbank.

Branäs Sverigeflotten Transtrand 22, Branäs
0564 402 27, w sverigeflotten.com. Call in advance to find out where to meet; a bus leaves the riverside Byns Camping in Ekshärad at 9.30am for the start point (either Ransby or Värnäs). 2300kr

Vildmark i Värmland Röbjörkeby 7, Torsby
0560 140 40, w vildmark.se. Assemble on day one at Gunnerud beside Route 62 south of Ekshärad. 2260kr

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