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Aragonese cuisine in many ways reflects the region: rugged, hearty, traditional. In a word: meat. Popular dishes include roast lamb (ternasco, derived from the word tierno, or tender); plump coils of pork sausages, such as longaniza; and, of course, ham, particularly from Teruel, whose dry but cold winds create an ideal climate for curing. The region is also known for its stews, such as chilindrón, which gets its name from the heavy pot in which it’s cooked. Multiple varieties exist – the traditional version is a fragrant mix of bell peppers, chicken and cured ham. Migas (“breadcrumbs”), based on day-old bread cooked with garlic, peppers and other ingredients, is a popular dish throughout central Spain; the Aragón recipe calls for sausage and grapes. As for fish, fresh river trout from the Pyrenees often appears on menus, while sweets include the region’s famous frutas de Aragón: candied fruits covered in chocolate. Aragón also has several wine-growing regions, including Somontano, Campo de Borja, Cariñena and Calatayud.

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