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Staying safe in the hills


Due to rapid weather changes, the mountains are potentially extremely dangerous and should be treated with respect. Every year, in every season, climbers and walkers lose their lives in the Scottish hills.
• Wear sturdy, ankle-supporting footwear and wear or carry with you warm, brightly coloured and waterproof layered clothing, even for what appears to be an easy expedi-tion in apparently settled weather.
• Always carry adequate maps, a compass (which you should know how to use), food, water and a whistle. If it’s sunny, make sure you use sun protection.
• Check the weather forecast before you go. If the weather looks as if it’s closing in, get down from the mountain fast.
• Always leave word with someone of your route and what time you expect to return, and remember to contact the person again to let them know that you are back.
• In an emergency, call mountain rescue on T999.

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