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Around 10km east of Olhão, and served by regular bus as well as the main Algarve rail line, the fishing town of FUSETA (or Fuzeta) is one of the Algarve’s least “discovered” resorts, probably because of its shortage of accommodation. It is not the region’s most beautiful town, but it does retain some character as a working fishing port. Indeed its daily routine revolves around the fishermen, whose colourful boats line up alongside the river in town, though in summer Fuseta also attracts a lively community of campers. The two communities usually mingle at the line of lively kiosk-cafés spreading down from the ferry stop towards the river beach.

The town’s backstreets straddle a low hill facing the lagoon, sheltered by the eastern extremity of the Ilha da Armona. Many of the local fish find their way to the small covered market on Largo 1° de Maio, on the road running parallel to the river. On Saturdays the market expands into a flea market that lines the adjacent pedestrianized Rua Tenente Barrosa. Continue up this road to reach the town’s little palm-tree-lined central square and Rua da Liberdade.

The waterfront of modern shops and apartments faces broad gardens that are largely taken over by the campsite. Beyond this is the estuary beach, a fine stretch of white sand that weaves up to a wooden lifeboat house, though more exhilarating and cleaner waters are found over the lagoon on the Ilha da Armona.

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