Norway // Trondheim to the Lofoten islands //

A hike from Unstad to Eggum


A popular nine-kilometre trail with mountains and lakes on one side and the surging ocean on the other, runs east from the village of Unstad to the tiny hamlet of Eggum. The scenery is stern around Unstad, a huddle of houses in a diminutive river valley set beneath the mountains and with wide views out to sea. The main draw here is the ocean: this is by far the best surfing spot on the island with a great and stable swell. The trail passes the remains of a radar station built by the Germans during World War II, en route to Eggum, an especially pretty spot, its handful of houses clinging on to a precarious headland dwarfed by the mountains behind and with a whopping pebble beach in front. Both Unstad and Eggum can be reached by turning off the E10.

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