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You can buy British and some American daily newspapers, plus the occasional periodical, in any major Norwegian city, but elsewhere things are very patchy. The most likely outlets are the Narvesen kiosks at train stations and airports. Most hotels have cable or satellite TV access.

Newspapers and magazines

British newspapers – from tabloid through to broadsheet – as well as the more popular English-language magazines are widely available either on the day of publication or the day after in all major Norwegian cities, along with internationally distributed US newspapers – principally the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the International Herald Tribune.

As for the Norwegian press, state advertising, loans and subsidized production costs sustain a wealth of smaller papers that would bite the dust elsewhere. Most are closely linked with political parties, although the bigger city-based titles tend to be independent. The most popular newspapers in Oslo are the independent Verdens Gang ( and the independent-conservative Aftenposten (; in Bergen it’s the liberal Bergens Tidende ( One reliable and independent source of Norwegian news in English is online at

TV and radio

Norway’s television network has expanded over the last few years in line with the rest of Europe. Alongside the national channels, NRK1, NRK2, NRK3 and TV2, there are satellite channels like TV Norge and TV3; you can also pick up Swedish TV in many parts of the country. Many of the programmes are English-language imports with Norwegian subtitles, so there’s invariably something on that you’ll understand, though much of it is pretty average stuff. The big global cable and satellite channels are routinely accessible in hotel rooms too.

Local tourist radio, giving details of events and festivals, is broadcast during the summer months; watch for signposts by the roadside and tune in. Shortwave frequencies and schedules for the BBC World Service (, Radio Canada ( and Voice of America ( are listed on their respective websites.

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