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Hikes from Turtagrø into the Skagastølsdal valley


One tough hike from the Turtagrø Hotel is the six-hour, round-trip haul southeast along the well-worn (but not especially well-signed) path up the Skagastølsdal valley to DNT’s self-service Skagastølsbu hut, though you can of course make the hike shorter by only going some of the way. The valley is divided into a number of steps, each preceded by a short, steep ascent; the hotel is 884m above sea level, the hut, a small stone affair surrounded by a staggering confusion of ice caps, mini-glaciers and craggy ridges, is at 1758m. The terrain is unforgiving and the weather unpredictable, so novice hikers beware – If you’d rather have a guide, the Turtagrø Hotel is a base for mountain guides, who offer an extensive programme of guided mountain walks as well as summer cross-country skiing – the hotel will help to sort things out; the season begins at Easter and extends until October.

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