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Guided glacier walks on the Jostedalsbreen


Most guided glacier walks on the Jostedalsbreen are scheduled between late June and early September, though on some arms of the glacier the season extends from May until October. The walks range from three-hour excursions to five-day expeditions. Day-trip prices start at 500–600kr per person for a four- to six-hour gambol, rising to 700–800kr for six to eight hours. Booking arrangements for the shorter glacier walks vary considerably. On some of the trips – for example those at the Nigardsbreen – it’s sufficient to turn up at the information centre an hour or two beforehand, but in general it’s a good idea to make a reservation at least a day ahead. Sometimes this is best done through one of the information centres, sometimes direct with the tour operator. In the case of the overnight trips, however, you must reserve at least four weeks beforehand. In all cases, basic equipment is provided, though you’ll need to take good boots, waterproofs, warm clothes, gloves, hat, sunglasses – and sometimes your own food and drink too.

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