Limitless demand for holiday accommodation has made this city the most expensive in western Europe, and the high season here is longer than anywhere else in the country – it officially runs from March 15 to November 15 and then from December 21 to January 6, but many places don’t recognize the existence of a low season any more. Several hotels, on the other hand, lower their prices in August, the month in which many Italians – including Venetian restaurateurs and bar owners – decamp to the beaches and the mountains. It’s wisest to book your place at least three months in advance, but should you bowl into town with nowhere to stay, you could call in at one of the VeneziaSi booking offices: at the train station; on the Tronchetto; in the multistorey car park at Piazzale Roma; and at Marco Polo airport. They only deal with hotels, and take a deposit that’s deductible from your first night’s bill. Finally, the tourist office’s website ( gives details of accommodation of all types.

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