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Phone codes and numbers


All Greek phone numbers require dialling of all ten digits, including the area code. Land lines begin with 2; mobiles begin with 6. All land-line exchanges are digital, and you should have few problems reaching any number from either overseas or within Greece. Mobile phone users are well looked after, with a signal even in the Athens metro.

Phoning Greece from abroad

Dial t0030 + the full number

Phoning abroad from Greece

Dial the country code + area code (minus any initial 0) + number

Australia t0061

New Zealand t0064

Canada t001

South Africa t0027

UK t0044

Ireland t00353

USA t001

Greek phone prefixes

Local call rate t0801

Toll-free/Freefone t0800

Useful Greek telephone numbers

Ambulance t166

Fire brigade, urban t199

Forest fire reporting t191

Operator (Domestic) t132

Operator (International) t139

Police/Emergency t100

Speaking clock t141

Tourist police t171 (Athens); t210 171 (elsewhere)

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