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Windsurfing at Prassoníssi


Situated at the very southern tip of Rhodes, Prassoníssi is regarded as one of the finest windsurfing sites in Europe. Strictly speaking the name refers to “Leek Island”, the sturdy little islet just offshore, which is connected to the mainland by a long, low and very narrow sandspit through which a small natural channel frequently opens.

Not only do the waters here belong to different seas – the Aegean to the west of the spit, and the Mediterranean to the east – but in season they usually offer dramatically contrasting conditions. Thanks to the prevailing meltémi wind, and the funnelling effect of the islet, the Aegean side is generally much rougher, with head-high waves. On summer days it therefore becomes the area for expert windsurfers and daredevil kitesurfers. The Mediterranean side, meanwhile, tends to be much calmer, almost lagoon-like, and its shallow sandbars make it especially ideal for beginners.

The season at Prassoníssi lasts from May until mid-October. Of the three windsurfing schools that operate here, the Polish-run Prasonisi Center (late April–Oct; 22440 91044, is the keenest and friendliest.

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