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Nuremberg’s sweet and savoury specialities


Slim, char-grilled Nürnberger Bratwürste are Nuremberg’s savoury speciality, and though the little sausages are served in high style in quite fancy restaurants, they’re never more delicious than when eaten hot from a street stall Drei im Weckla – three in a bun. One of the best places to try them is Bratwursthaüsle by the Sebalduskirche (Mon–Sat 10am–10pm; 3 im Weckla €2). More substantial savoury dishes are often served with Nürnberger Klösse (potato dumplings), which are good fuel on a wintery day and excellent for soaking up meaty sauces. You can buy Nuremberg’s famous sweetly-spiced Lebkuchen gingerbread – originally a Christmas treat, but now available all year around – at Wicklein at Hauptmarkt 7 (Mon–Fri 9.30am–6.30pm, Sat 9.30am–4pm) or from Schmidt at Plobenhofstr. 6 (Mon–Fri 9am–6.30pm, Sat 9–4pm). You can get gluten-free and diabetic versions from Fraunholz at Bergstr. 1 (Mon–Fri 9am–6.30pm, Sat 11am–4pm, Sun 10.30am–6pm).

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