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As its port silted, Bremen petitioned the King of Hanover to acquire the land between the Geeste and Weser rivermouths and so was founded BREMERHAVEN in 1827. The largest working port in Germany after Hamburg, it’s no charmer – the centre was thrown up at rapid pace after 95 percent of the port was obliterated by air raids – and has long had a utilitarian air. This is, after all, the town that has the world’s longest quay (4.9km) and is Germany’s premier fishing port. Yet “Fischstadt” is raising its game. Central harbours have been renovated as a focus for two superb museums, the Deutsches Auswanderen Museum and Klimahaus Bremerhaven, and billion-euro architecture projects such as the Atlantic Hotel Sail City (viewing platform €3), modelled on Dubai’s signature Burj Al-Arab hotel.


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