Hamburg has blossomed into the great gourmet centre of Germany, its role as a prosperous media metropolis nurturing a community of discerning diners with a penchant for eating in style – traditional restaurants are thin on the ground compared to the rest of Germany – and a voracious appetite for the next big thing. For the hippest new openings, source Szene Essen & Trinken (€7) at larger newsagents and some tourist information centres. There are two caveats. First, your options are limited in the city centre, especially in the evenings. Streets such as touristy Deichstrasse and Colonnaden or squares such as Grossneumarkt provide choice in one location, as does Ditmar-Koel-Strasse near the port. The second caveat is that, notwithstanding student-budget dining in the Schanzenviertel, eating out in Hamburg is notably more expensive than in many German cities. Cheaper brasserie and bar options are listed with cafés.

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