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The Côte de Granit Rose


The northernmost stretch of the Breton coast, between Bréhat and Ploumanac’h, has loosely come to be known as the Côte de Granit Rose. Great pink-granite boulders jut from the sea around the island of Bréhat, and are scattered along the various headlands to the west. Perhaps the most memorable stretch of coast lies north of Tréguier, where the pink-granite rocks are eroded into fantastic shapes.

Perhaps the best-known photographic image of Brittany is of a small seafront cottage somehow squeezed between two mighty pink-granite boulders. Surprisingly few visitors, however, see the house in real life. It stands just 2km out from the village of Plougrescant in Eastern Brittany. The precise spot tends to be marked on regional maps as either Le Gouffre or Le Gouffre du Castel-Meuru. Although you can’t visit the cottage itself – which actually faces inland, across a small sheltered bay, with its back to the open sea – the shoreline nearby offers superb short walks, and a summer-only café sells snacks.

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