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The Viking Ship Museum


Fifteen minutes’ walk north of the centre on the banks of the fjord is the modern Viking Ship Museum. Inside, five superb specimens of Viking shipbuilding are displayed: a deep-sea trader, a merchant ship, a warship, a fishing vessel and a longship preserved incredibly from 1042, each retrieved from the fjord where they were sunk to block invading forces. Two life-size models of ships are next door, which you can board after trying on traditional Viking clothes. Outside, you can watch boat-building and sail-making using only tools and materials available during the Viking era; when the weather allows you can also experience a replica ship’s seaworthiness on the fjord – you’ll be handed an oar when you board and be expected to pull your weight as a crew member. It’s a humbling experience when you consider that similar ships made it all the way to Greenland.

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