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Zagreb’s impressive menu of cultural events includes a range of festivals that attract prestigious international participants. Most of these have their own websites; otherwise, advance information can be obtained from the Zagreb tourist office.
Zagrebdox Late February/early March w Impressive survey of international documentary films, with five days of screenings in venues across the city.
Festival of the European Short Story (Festival Evropske kratke priče) May w Readings, panel discussions and drink-fuelled party evenings involving top authors from Croatia and abroad. Some readings are in English; others come with big-screen English translation.
Contemporary Dance Week (Tjedan suvremenog plesa) late May/early June w Varied, often challenging programme of modern choreography from around the globe, held in various venues across the city.
Cest is de best Late May/early June w Week-long festival of street performers augmented by a big range of live music, taking place on outdoor stages positioned throughout the city centre.
Animafest Late May/early June w Zagreb was a major centre of animated film in the 1950s and Animafest helps to put the city back on the map, with a review of the year’s best animation from Croatia and abroad.
Strossmartre (Ljeto na Strosu) Late May to early Sept w Season of open-air concerts and events in Zagreb’s Upper Town, with nightly happenings all summer long.
Dan D (“D Day”) June w Weekend-long design festival with stalls, shows and DJ events, held in the postindustrial splendour of the Stara Klaonica (Old Slaughterhouse).
Eurokaz Theatre Festival Late June w Challenging avant-garde drama with an impressive roster of international guests.
In-music Late June w Three-day rock-and-pop fest on the shores of Lake Jarun with three stages, early-morning DJ tents and plenty of food and drink. Guests in recent years have included Kraftwerk, Franz Ferdinand, Arcade Fire and many more. Camping available.
Fantastic Zagreb Late June/early July w Fantasy, sci-fi, noir and cult trash cinema, celebrated with screenings in outdoor locations.
International Festival of Puppet Theatre (Međunarodni festival kazališta lutaka) late August w A great chance to catch some of the best puppet productions from all over central and eastern Europe, with shows for both kids and adults.
World Theatre Festival (Festival svjetskog kazališta) mid-September w Big names in international contemporary drama.
Perforations October w Festival of experimental drama, contemporary dance and performance art that showcases pretty much everything that matters in the current Croatian board-treading scene.
Zagreb Film Festival October w Initiated in 2003 and attracting outstanding documentaries and art movies from around the world.

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