Puerto Rico // The north coast and karst country //

Parque de Las Cavernas del Río Camuy


Tapping into one of the largest cave systems in the world, the Parque de Las Cavernas del Río Camuy (t787/898-3100 ext 405) makes a dramatic contrast to the world of palm trees and beaches on the coast, a series of cool limestone caverns packed with dripping stalactites, flowstone walls that seem to collapse into the rock and giant stalagmites crumpled like melted wax.

The caves were known to the Taíno, but rediscovered by speleologists in 1958 and only opened to the public in 1986. The park is a tiny portion (1.2 square kilometres) of a vast cave system that includes 15km of caverns, created by the world’s third longest underground river, the Río Camuy, but most of this is inaccessible to casual visitors.

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