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Isolated on the Costa Rican border between the Caribbean and the forested slopes of the Cordillera Talamanca, Bocas del Toro (“mouths of the bull”) is one of the most beautiful areas in Panama. It’s also one of the most remote – the mainland portion of the province is connected to the rest of Panama by a single road, and the island chain offshore requires a ferry ride to reach.

Despite recent rapid development (see Bocas del Toro history), the archipelago remains home to an ecosystem so complex and well preserved that it has been described by biologists as “the Galápagos of the twenty-first century”. This, and the equally unusual diversity of the human population – Ngöbe-Buglé, Naso and Bribrí populate the mainland, while the islands are dominated by the descendants of West Indian migrants who still speak Guari-Guari, an English patois embellished with Spanish and Ngobere – make Bocas a fascinating area to visit.

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