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It can be exceptionally rewarding to travel with children in Guatemala. Most locals, particularly in indigenous areas, have large families so your kids will always have some company. By bringing your children along to Guatemala, you’ll take a big step toward dismantling the culture barrier and families can expect an extra warm welcome. Hotels, well used to putting up big Guatemalan families, are usually extremely accommodating.

Obviously, you’ll have to take a few extra precautions with your children’s health, paying particular care to hygiene and religiously applying sunscreen. Dealing with the sticky tropical heat of Petén is likely to be one of the biggest difficulties, but elsewhere humidity is much less of a problem. As young children are rarely enthralled by either modern highland or ancient Maya culture, you may want to plan some excursions: the giant Xocomíl water park and Parque Xetulul theme park and Auto Safari Chapín make great days out for kids. The Museo de los Niños and Aurora zoo in Guatemala City are a lot of fun too. Take extra care if you head for the Pacific beaches, as every year several children (and adults) drown in the strong undertow.

For babies, you’ll find baby milk and disposable nappies (diapers) are widely available in supermarkets and pharmacies; take an extra stock if you’re visiting really remote areas. Every town in the country has at least a couple of pharmacies, and medication for children is available. Breast-feeding in public is fine.

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