Guatemala // The Oriente and Izabal //

Fiestas in the Oriente and Izabal


Jan 12–15

El Progreso (near Jutiapa), main day 15th

Jan 15

Esquipulas, the biggest pilgrimage in Central America

Jan 20–26

Ipala, main day 23rd (includes bullfighting)

March 9

Esquipulas, a smaller day of pilgrimage to the Black Christ

March 12–15

Moyuta (near Jutiapa) and Olapa (near Chiquimula)

March (varies)


May 2–5

Jalapa, main day 3rd

May 5–9

Gualán (near Zacapa)

July 16–22

Puerto Barrios, main day 19th

July 22–26

Jocotán (near Chiquimula)

July 23–27

Esquipulas, a fiesta in honour of Santiago Apóstol, main day 25th

Aug 11–18

Chiquimula, main day 15th (includes bullfighting)

Aug 25

San Luís Jilotepéque

Nov 7–14


Nov 10–16

Jutiapa, main day 13th

Nov 26

Lívingston, Garífuna day here is a huge celebration

Dec 4–9

Zacapa, main day 8th

Dec 13–16

San Luís Jilotepéque

Dec 22–27


Dec 24–31

Lívingston, carnival

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