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The Reserva Biológica Dúrika


Completely off the beaten track, the isolated RESERVA BIOLÓGICA DÚRIKA is a compelling mix of a agricultural-based community and private reserve where you can go on hikes and explore a working farm. Nestled within 21,000 acres of largely untouched and unexplored wilderness, it consists of only thirty or so permanent members (though it also is home to over twice as many semi-permanent residents and visitors). The community’s farm has enabled them to be entirely self-sufficient, and they offer tours where you can learn firsthand about their organic approach to farming. Members also lead guided hikes to nearby Bribrí and Cabécar villages and into the wildlife-rich reserve, where a variety of habitats are home to several endangered species, including Baird’s tapir. Guides also lead multi-day treks up one of Costa Rica’s highest peaks, Cerro Dúrika (3280m), part of the Cordillera Talamanca that cuts through the reserve.

The nearest town of any size to the reserve is Buenos Aires, about 50km south of Chirripó, and signposted a few kilometres north off the Interamericana on a paved road. In town the foundation’s office, just south of the Banco Nacional, can make reservations and provide information on the various tours and extended stay possibilities (call well in advance if you’re considering the latter).

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