Belize // The south //

St Herman’s Cave


About 19km out of Belmopan the road crosses the Caves Branch River, a tributary of the Sibun River. Just beyond, by the roadside on the right, is St Herman’s Cave (daily 8am–4.30pm; Bz$8, includes entrance to the Blue Hole National Park). After paying the entrance fee at the visitors’ centre, a ten-minute walk on a marked trail leads to the cave entrance, located beneath a dripping rock face; you’ll need a flashlight to enter, heading down steps that were originally cut by the Maya. Inside, clamber over the rocks and splash through the river for about 300m, admiring the stunning natural formations, before the section of the cave accessible without a guide ends. Behind the visitors’ centre and cave, trails lead through the surrounding forest and, after 4km, to a campsite. All buses between Belmopan and Dangriga can drop you at St Herman’s Cave or the Blue Hole.

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