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The Edmonds Cookery Book and Kiwi desserts


Almost every Kiwi household has a battered copy of the Edmonds Cookery Book, first produced in 1908 and still selling over 20,000 copies a year. Parents often give the kids a copy when they first leave home. The recipes are wide-ranging but the focus is on the baking, usually using Edmond’s baking powder which is still prominent on supermarket shelves. This is the first place people turn for making the sort of cakes and desserts that have always filled the shelves of rural tearooms. Fancier modern cafés following a retro tip are now re-inventing these Kiwi classics.

Afghans The origin of the name is lost, but these chocolate-and-cornflake-dough biscuits topped with cocoa icing are an eternal favourite.
Anzac biscuit Textured cookie made with oats and coconut.
Carrot cake A Kiwi favourite still found in cafés and tearooms all over.
Lamington A light sponge slice slathered in pink icing and desiccated coconut.
Pavlova No more than a giant, soft meringue covered in cream and fruit, this is the apotheosis of Kiwi desserts.

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