The following hostel passes provide cheaper rates – around ten percent off – on accommodation at member hostels, and entitle you to a wide range of other discounts on everything from bus tickets and tours to phone calls, museum entry fees and meals.
VIP Backpacker Card Probably of most use in Australia, this card doubles as a rechargeable eKit phone card with a few dollars’ worth of phone calls factored into the price of the card (Aus$47 a year). At present, there are around 125 member hostels around the country, and your card will also be valid at one hundred more in New Zealand.
Nomads The Nomad card doubles as a rechargeable internet and phone card, costs Aus$42 a year, including one night’s free accommodation. Its network comprises about twenty hostels in Australia, many of them in old pubs, a few of them “working hostels” in country areas. The network’s span is global, with affiliated hostels on most continents.
IYHA The International YHA card is available through your national youth hostel association before you leave home, or you can buy a one-year Hostelling International card in Australia for Aus$42, or Aus$32 for under-26s. YHA Membership and Travel Centres can be found in state capitals and at many YHA hostels. Australian YHA hostels number around ninety, with thousands more worldwide.

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