The old city originally had five gates but only four remain today, the West Gate being destroyed by the Japanese. Five minutes’ walk west of Taipei Station along Zhongxiao Road stands Taipei’s modest North Gate (北門; běimén), the only example of the original south Fujian style of the gates, though its location in the middle of a roundabout overshadowed by a concrete overpass is hardly picturesque. The Zhongxi Gate (重熙門; chóngxīménxīmén; Little South Gate), Lizheng Gate (麗正門; lízhèngmén; South Gate) and Jingfu Gate (景福門; jǐngfúmén; East Gate) were substantially altered in 1966 as part of a restoration programme and now reflect Chiang Kai-shek’s penchant for northern Chinese architecture.

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