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An almost overwhelming number of sights litter the countryside around Gyeongju – those listed here make up just a fraction of the possibilities, so be sure to scour local maps and pamphlets for things that might be of particular interest to you. Transport to sights is not always regular – you may need to spend some time waiting for buses, so if possible, try to get the latest timetable from one of Gyeongju’s tourist offices. While hitchhiking is never totally safe and can’t be wholeheartedly recommended, you’ll rarely get a better chance than on the run east to the Underwater Tomb of King Munmu, where the road is lightly trafficked and everyone is heading to or from Gyeongju. To the north of Gyeongju are Oksan Seowon, one of the country’s best examples of a Joseon-era Confucian academy, and Yangdong Folk Village, a collection of traditional housing. To the west of the city and within cycling range are yet more regal tombs.

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