Philippines // Mindanao //

Camiguin Island


Lying around 20km off the north coast of mainland Mindanao, the pint-sized island of Camiguin (“cam-ee-gin”) is one of the country’s most appealing tourist spots, offering ivory beaches, iridescent lagoons and jagged mountain scenery. There’s no shortage of adventure here either, with reasonable scuba diving and some tremendous trekking and climbing in the rugged interior, especially on volcanic Mount Hibok-Hibok. Another major tourist draw is the annual Lanzones festival, held in the fourth week of October. Revellers dressed only in lanzones leaves stomp and dance in the streets as a tribute to the humble fruit, one of the island’s major sources of income.

The beauty of Camiguin is that it doesn’t really matter where you stay because you can visit all the sights easily from anywhere. The coastal road is almost 70km long, making it feasible to circle the island in a day. If you don’t want to depend on public transport, consider hiring your own private jeepney or tricycle for the trip. Many resorts also offer motorcycle rental.

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