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The Bhote Koshi resorts


In the last few years, several companies have bought land on the banks of the Bhote Koshi and Upper Sun Koshi and built fixed safari-style riverside camps, with luxuriant gardens, flush toilets, showers, hammocks, restaurants and bar areas. Only two to three hours’ drive from Kathmandu, each of these mini-resorts offers its own mix of activities: all offer rafting, but there is also canyoning, kayaking, trekking, rock climbing, bungee jumping and mountain biking available. They also regularly host adventure events such as mountain-bike races and the Nepal International Kayak Rodeo (held annually in Nov). If you just want to stay and hang out at the camp, then typical daily rates are around $50–60 for food, accommodation and transport to and from Kathmandu. Many overseas rafting and kayak groups now go straight from the Kathmandu airport to one of these riverside resorts.

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