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Kuala Tahan activities


Most people in the park for just a few days sign up for various activity packages offered through the park office and Kuala Tahan accommodation.

Night jungle walks (1hr–1hr 30min; RM25; bring your own torch) are easy and, despite being crowded and held along the park’s most heavily used paths, can turn up everything from tapirs to scorpions, and the sharp-eyed guides invariably spot camouflaged creatures you’d otherwise miss.

Night safaris (2hr; RM40) actually take place outside the park; you’re driven around a plantation in a 4WD, and may get to see leopard cats, wild pigs, civets and the occasional snake.

Orang Asli village visit (2hr; RM60) shows you how to use a blowpipe and fire-making using sticks at a semi-permanent Batek encampment; very touristy, but interesting too.

On the river, fairly tame rapids shooting trips (1hr; RM60) take place a few kilometres upstream, designed to appeal to families rather than hard-core rafters; you’ll ride this stretch anyway if you catch a boat back from Kuala Trenggan. The night river safari (2hr; RM200) uses a tamer stretch of water, where you often see larger animals along the riverside.

Longer trips include guided forest walks, the best of which have you staying overnight at a hide (Bumbun Kumbang is a favourite) or even a cave; you usually make your way down to the river on the second day and catch a boat back to Kuala Tahan. This far into the forest you really might see anything – or nothing at all. Price depends on numbers, duration and destination, but expect RM280 per person for an all-inclusive two-day, one-night trip from Kuala Tahan.

The most popular area for fishing is the Sungai Keniam, northeast of Kuala Tahan, where you can hope to catch catfish or snakehead; all fish must be returned. The very basic Perkai Fishing Lodge, around 2hr upstream from Kuala Tahan, is a popular base; a boat there costs RM480.

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