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Malay vocabulary for drivers


The following list should help decipher road signage in Peninsular Malaysia and parts of Brunei, much of which is in Malay.

Utara North
Selatan South
Barat West
Timur East
Di belakang Behind
Di hadapan Ahead
Awas Caution
Berhenti Stop
Beri laluan Give way
Dilarang meletak kereta No parking
Dilarang memotong No overtaking
Had laju/jam Speed limit/per hour
Ikut kiri/kanan Keep left/right
Jalan sehala One-way street
Kawasan rehat Highway rest stop
Kurangkan laju Reduce speed
Lebuhraya Expressway/highway
Lencongan Detour
Pembinaan di hadapan Road works ahead
Pusat bandar/bandaraya Town/city centre
Simpang ke… Junction/turning for…
Zon had laju Zone where speed limit applies
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