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Perhentians dos and don’ts


  • Do bring more than enough cash – there are no banks or ATMs. Only some mid-range places accept plastic for accommodation and food, with a small surcharge. You may also be able to get a cash advance for a significant fee.
  • Do bring mosquito repellent.
  • Don’t leave valuables, even clothes, on the beach – whether crowded or deserted – while you swim or snorkel. Thieves can appear seemingly from nowhere on snatch-and-grab raids.
  • Do swim with care: look out for boat lanes, marked by strings of buoys, and stay on the correct side to avoid being wiped out by a speedboat. Note also that Long Beach can have a significant undertow from February to April and in October; a few people get swept out every year and have to be rescued.
  • Do be mindful of sharp-pronged boat anchors sticking out of the sand as you walk along the beach at night – particularly if you’re looking up at the stars.
  • As always, don’t touch the coral or disturb marine life when you snorkel or dive.
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