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The Marina


One of the longest city beaches in the world, the Marina (Kamaraj Salai) stretches 5km from the harbour at the southeastern corner of George Town to near San Thome Cathedral. Going south, you’ll pass the Indo-Saracenic Presidency College (1865–71), one of a number of stolid Victorian buildings that make up the University. Next door, the nineteenth-century Madras depot of the Tudor Ice Company has been converted into the interesting Vivekananda Museum, which gives an excellent account of the life of the nineteenth-century saint, Swami Vivekananda.

Today the beach itself is a sociable stretch, peopled by idle paddlers, picnickers and pony-riders; every afternoon crowds gather around the beach market. However, its location, just a little downstream from the port, which belches out waste and smelly fumes, combined with its function as the toilet for the fishing community, detract somewhat from its natural beauty.

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