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Capital of the “land of oranges”, NAGPUR is the focus of government attempts to develop industry in the remote northeastern corner of Maharashtra – most foreigners in the city are here for business rather than pleasure purposes. The trickle of visitors who do stop here tend to do so en route to Madhya Pradesh, or the Gandhian ashrams at Sevagram and Paunar, a two-hour journey southwest. The other worthwhile excursion is the ninety-minute bus ride northeast to the hilltop temple complex at Ramtek.

In the city itself, the most prominent landmark is the Sitabuldi Fort, standing on a saddle between two low hills above the railway station, though it’s closed to the public. North and west of the fort, the pleasantly green Civil Lines district holds some grand Raj-era buildings, dating from the time when this was the capital of the vast Central Provinces region.

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