The Cederberg has around 2500 known rock-art sites, estimated to be between one and eight thousand years old. They are the work of the first South Africans, hunter gatherers known as San or Bushmen, the direct descendants of some of the earliest Homo sapiens who lived in the Western Cape 150,000 years ago.

One of the best ways to see rock art is on a self-guided 4km walk from Traveller’s Rest Farm along the Sevilla Trail, which takes in ten sites.

Another way to see paintings is on a half-day tour to Warmhoek site near Clanwilliam, run by the excellent Living Landscape Project, 18 Park St in Clanwilliam (027 482 1911,, and led by competent local guides. The project is the brainchild of archeologist John Parkington, from the University of Cape Town, whose books on rock art in the Cederberg (The Mantis and the Moon and Cederberg Rock Paintings) offer the best interpretation of the puzzling and beautiful images you’ll see delicately painted on rocks and overhangs.

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