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Game-viewing tips


  • The best times of day for game viewing are when it’s cooler, during the early morning and late afternoon. Set out as soon as the camp gates open in the morning and go out again as the temperature starts dropping in the afternoon. Take a siesta during the midday heat, just as the animals do, when they head for deep shade where you’re less likely to see them.
  • It’s worth investing in a detailed map of Kruger (available at virtually every restcamp) in order to choose a route that includes rivers or pans where you can stop and enjoy the scenery and birdlife while you wait for game to come down to drink, especially in the late afternoon.
  • Driving really slowly pays off, particularly if you stop often, in which case switch off your engine, open your window and use your senses. Stopping where other cars have already stopped or slowed down is probably the best strategy you could choose.
  • Don’t embark on overambitious drives from your restcamp. Plan carefully.
  • Binoculars are a must for scanning the horizon.
  • Take food and drink with you, and remember you can only use toilets and get out at the picnic sites, where there’s always boiling water available, braai places powered with gas, and, at some sites, food or snacks for sale.
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